Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a vehicle wrap?

A Vehicle wrap is the term given to the application of literally wrapping a vehicles surface using specialty self-adhesive vinyl film. This could be a digitally printed commercial wrap for promotional or advertising purposes or a personalised custom colour change wrap.

Q. What types of vehicle wraps do you offer?

We put vehicle wrapping into 3 categories as described below;

Commercial Wraps - A commercial wrap is tailored to clients who need to brand their vehicle for business and promotional purposes. Whether a full wrap or partial wrap, this custom designed digitally printed wrap will offer great exposure to a brand, product or promotion on a short or long term exposure.

Custom Colour Change Wraps - A custom colour change wrap is exactly that. We can change the colour of your vehicle using specifically manufactured vehicle wrap films. Available in gloss, matte, metallic and textures, our colour change films will make your vehicle look unique.

Accent Wraps - An accent wrap is where we custom wrap certain accent parts of your vehicle. This could include roof or bonnet wraps, spoiler, wing mirrors or custom striping.

Q. What size and type of vehicles can you wrap?

We can wrap just about any vehicle. We have the technology, experience, knowledge and skill to wrap your car, van, pantech, truck, trailer, motorcycle, boat, golf cart, plane, helicopter, tank and more.

Q. What is One Way Vision window film?

One Way Vision is a brand of window film used for printed graphics. It has small perforations allowing vision through the film from one side. When graphics are printed for the rear of a van for example we can seamlessly have the graphics go over the window to complete the look from the outside of the van. When inside the van it appears that there is nothing on the rear window and therefore not obstructing the driver’s vision. Not all perforated films are RTA compliant. We use only premium quality, RTA compliant perforated window films with an optically clear over laminate.

Q. Will a vehicle wrap damage my paintwork?

Our Vehicle wraps will not damage your vehicle in any way. In fact a vehicle wrap will act as a second skin or protective cover on your vehicle maintaining and protecting the paintwork underneath from minor abrasions and effect of Australia’s harsh UV.

Q. How will long will a vehicle wrap last?

The life of a wrap depends on what type of wrap you choose. A digitally printed commercial wrap will last up to around 5 years. A custom colour change wrap should last in excess of 5 years and up to around 7 years. The life of a wrap will also strongly depend on how well you care for and maintain your wrap.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. All our vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics carry a material and labour warranty. We only use premium grade materials sourced on shore and we are brand specific certified installers so we know our product and stand by it.

Q. How much does a vehicle wrap cost?

Each individual vehicle wrap project will vary in cost. We have to consider the size and shape of each vehicle along with specific client requirements and complexity of the application. For commercial vehicle wraps and branding we would also consider the volume of vehicles to be completed. If you have a budget for a project we will tailor the wrap, branding and graphics to best suit your budget. Feel free to contact us to discuss your vehicle graphics project and we will advise the best solution for the application.

Q. Is the vehicle wrap easy to remove?

Yes. We use only premium quality vehicle wrapping films. So when you are ready to sell or hand back your vehicle we can remove the wrap cleanly and easily.

Q. How long will you need our vehicle for?

Depending on the scope of work and complexity of the installation we would generally require your vehicle for one to three days. It is important that we receive the vehicle the day before we commence the installation so we have it in a dry controlled environment, optimally suited to the installation process.